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10 Experiences Every Big Age-Gap Couples Have Gone Through

We see in the media where two people fall in love with differing ages. The age-gap was never a hurdle for them to fall in love with, and it was just a number indicating their existence on this beautiful earth. Beyonce and Jay Z to Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar to George Clooney and Amal Clooney– these are some of the known celebrity big age gap couples who are blissful in their relationship.

We do not need inspiration from these famous people to know broad age-gap relationships can work out well. We can find a lot of big age gap couples around us. Falling in love is easy but being in love is the challenging aspect. We need to be strong-willed and not let the judgmental whispers of society drift into our brains.

There are roses and thorns in being a large age-gap relationship. Some of the good things you cherish and bad experiences you suffer are-

It’s Not An Easy Decision To Make

big age gap couples

Being in love and being in a relationship isn’t the same. You can love someone but not be in a committed relationship with the person. It is one of the most challenging decisions you have to make. On a whim, you cannot decide or jump into a relationship especially where your partner is mighty older or younger. Considering the factors to be in a relationship and come to a realization that being in a large age-gap relationship is worthy is vital.

Social Stigma Does Get To You.

At the preamble, you consider yourselves strong and resilient enough to be in a large age-gap relationship. Over time, you may find yourselves being affected by the social disapproval of your relationship. This may harm the bond you share with your significant other. Initially, it will be a struggle, but your relationship will become significantly stronger when you realize where your priorities should be.

Ask yourselves, who is it that you cannot live without? Societal comments or your beloved partner.

Mental Age Triumphs Chronological Age

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The man with salt and pepper hair can be found behaving like a person in their twenties, and the woman in her twenties is mature beyond her age. Chronological age or the year you were born in is a lesser contributing factor in your relationship than you think. The behaviour or the way you carry yourselves has a more significant impact on your relationship. You may have similar interests despite both born in different decades.

A large age-gap is a hard-limit for society and not for people in the relationship.

Having Kids Could Be An Issue

No better relationship can exemplify on this matter than Monica and Richard. If you have watched ‘FRIENDS,’ you would be aware of how enraptured they were. The rift arose when Monica wanted to have kids, and Richard was content not having as he was already a dad from his previous relationship.

They parted ways not because they fell out of love, but they had different opinions on kids’ matter.

Stereotypes Never Leave

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Stereotypes are common, some can be harmless, and some could be brutal. Big age gap couples have to face these stereotypes following them behind relentlessly. It is hard to get rid of. They can be unkind and hurt you. Commenting your relationship is ‘exchange-based’ and not out of love. You two know the true nature of your relationship, and honestly, it isn’t any one’s business to interfere. If they have judgements, then they can keep it for themselves.

It Is A Challenge For Older Women In A Relationship

Big age gap couples are always present in the microscopic view of the society. Being the older woman in the relationship is just the cherry on the top. More shade is thrown on women who are in a relationship with a younger man. In contrast, men relatively face lesser disapprovals or cold shoulders for having a younger woman as a spouse.

Keeps You Younger

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Being in a relationship with a younger person will keep your spirits younger. You could be engaging in activities you wouldn’t dream of or hesitate to reason it your age. You wouldn’t find yourself dancing silly or travelling and exploring the world’s gems if it weren’t for your little munchkin of a partner.

Broad age-gap relationships will keep you on your toes and evergreen youth-like essence.

Not Everyone Will Get You

Big age gap couples are few and far between. Such relationships are the minority in the relationship ocean. If you face hardships in your relationship, it is difficult to find people you can relate to or empathize with your problems. In such scenarios, you may be bummed out. Nevertheless, it isn’t a forever situation, and hardships can be overcome with understanding from both sides.

The Age- Gap Could Be An Advantage

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Unlike unpopular opinions, age-gap may work well for you in your relationship. The older person has more experience and could guide you in making wise decisions; give you suggestions on some issues. The older one in this relationship could learn to let loose and have fun with the younger ones.

It is a two-way relationship, and you have nothing to lose, except gain more love for each other.

Develop A Sense Of Humor

One of the best ways to deal with the stereotypes associated with large age-gap relationships is to make jokes of it-both inside and outside of the relationship. You may be teasing your significant other as an old man or have funny nicknames for each other. If you hear comments or bitter jabs from other people, you just shut it down with a droll reply rending them speechless.

You may have inside jokes concerning your relationship, which others never get it. Overall, it is comical and practical to lead a peaceful life with your dear partner.

Like every relationship, big age gap couples have to face obstacles, maybe a little more than the rest. As long as you know in your heart that you have chosen the perfect partner for you, all is well.

Love knows no age when you find true love. You will not care about the age difference; all you care about is spending forever with them.


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