10 Surefire Ways to Know If He Secretly Likes You

Women are known to be expressive ones and men, not so much. They tend to keep to themselves mostly, at least in the feelings department. Beware, this is a general perception, and there are exceptions. Not everyone is lucky enough to encounter guys who wear their hearts on sleeves.

It is up to us women, to figure out the signals and decode the emotions. It becomes even more critical when we want to figure out; if a certain guy secretly likes you or is into you.

There are certain signs and behavior you must be on a lookout for. It may sound intimidating, but it isn’t. It isn’t rocket science to ensure if a guy secretly likes you. Just a little bit of observation and intuition will take you a long way.

What are the body languages of a guy who likes you?

What are the behaviors exhibited by a guy who is into you?

All the answers are given below. You just have to read it, and you’ll have the key to your problems.

Eyes are the windows to your heart


The secret you are digging lies in the eyes. Eyes tell you a lot more than what words impart. He maintains eye contact with you and doesn’t let go until you look away. Even if you are among a circle of friends, his eyes are always waiting to connect with you.

 Sometimes they may gaze at you from far away when they think; you aren’t aware. They are staring at you when they think you aren’t looking. When your gazes collide, they immediately look away-escaping your eye-contact. Either behavior indicates that he may secretly like you.

Body languages are your best bet

Your next step in discerning your answer is carefully observing their body language. Body languages are sub-conscious behavior. You can never go wrong with the clues you get from the other person’s body language.

See the way he carries himself around you. While talking is he leaning towards you? When you are animatedly sharing an incident to the group, is his toes pointed towards you?

A nervous wreck around you


Shy guys aren’t straightforward all the time and find it really hard to convey their feelings. They are trying to take a leap of faith and ask you out, but shyness gets in their way. They may be fumbling a lot around you or rambling their mouth about trivial things. They talk about everything under the sun except about their feelings toward you.

Some guys will be nervous if they have known you only for a short time. They are anxious to make a lasting impression on you and not come off across as a loser. The nervous behavior may give away that they may be into you.

He knows tiny little details about you

If he is into you, he’s always asking questions about you. He wants to know what are your interests, what are your pet-peeves, how your day was and everything about you. He is an active listener and remembers every tit-bits you have shared with him.

  • You don’t have to take the trouble of repeating the story; he may as well complete your sentences and story. He might be disappointed when he may have heard any news about you from some third -person.
  • He never forgets the important milestones of your life from your birthday to your pet’s birthday. He will try his hardest to make every moment memorable.

If there is any chance, you have such a situation going on, just drop every work you have going on and seize the dream guy, GIRL!

No disagreements from his end

He will be the biggest cheer girl or in this case, your cheer boy. Every word from your mouth is golden, and every idea is the best. Nothing you say is silly to him. He nods to every assessment of yours and has no rebukes for a supposedly-conflicting topic.

What secret way is better than such a subtle way of him showing he likes you.

Smiles and sunshine


When you are sad, he tries to cheer you up.

  • It could be the corniest PJ in the world -But hey! It’s the effort that counts.
  • It could be him trying to make funny faces.
  • Or he may have a sense of humor and crack a funny joke.

He always looks like he’s the most cheerful person around you. He is all smiles with your presence like you are his darn sunshine and he is the sunflower.

He revolves around you


Everyone likes to be around the person whom we want the most. He will gather any chances he can to spend time with you. It could be in a group or alone time. The more time you find yourself spending with him, more are the chances that he is definitely into you.

They may be stalking you in social media. No better way to know a person than social media. They’ll like your picture as soon as you post them. They love giving compliments in the comment section. They may initiate the conversation as soon as you are online.

Nothing misses their eyes. They are always quick to notice minor changes in you. It could be from the new hair cut to the change of nail paint colour.

This definitely clues you in that; he secretly admires you.

Your family may as well be his family

Getting to know your family is taking one step closer to you. Impressing your family is equivalent to impressing you. He will never shy away from any opportunity in meeting your family. After some time, your family may as well be his family. He is the son they never had.

A bold step taken by him is like a banner telling he is secretly crushing on you.

He loves teasing you and is affectionate


He is always teasing you and pulling your leg. Teasing is his way of playful communication to build a connection. He is looking for an opening where teasing may transform into flirty banter.

He never misses the golden chance where he can be affectionate with you. He is looking for opportunities to hold your hand. He tucks the flying piece of hair behind your ear. That’s a dead giveaway that he secretly likes you.

Some may not be smooth in their actions. You may find him quite frequently trying to touch you make it seem like accidental. He may be very clumsy and is always apologizing adorably for the accidental brush of the hand.

Jealousy may be the trump card

He constantly asks your friends about you. He wants to feel around if you are dating anyone. Or even better, he may casually ask you about your relationship status.

You can just let it slip that you may have a crush on some. Gauge his expressions and the reaction he may have for your news. If he is jealous, then you have your answer.

Jealousy is your go-to route to gain a definite answer to the question if he secretly likes you.

I hope this clarifies your doubts about whether he secretly likes you or not. If he showcases at least three signs mentioned above, you are a lucky girl. We are in the twenty-first century. Don’t wait for the man to make his first move. You want your love, you go out there and grab it.

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