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50+ Fun Questions to Ask A Girl to Know Her Inside Out

I get this question a lot – what are some interesting as well as appropriate questions to ask a girl you like?

Well, men from ages still couldn’t figure out what should be the questions to ask a girl to keep her interested and keep the conversation going.

No person would be interested if you keep asking the same boring questions like her favorite food, favorite dish, etc.

Although, the conversation should be kept interesting all the time, make sure not to offend a girl by asking inappropriate questions. There are different times for different questions to be asked.

Let us first get to know what makes a question interesting?

Questions that would keep the conversation going, that would keep her involved and make her laugh and happy at the same time, can be categorized as good questions to ask a girl.

questions to ask a girl in office

All the questions should be asked at appropriate times. If you two are talking about her job, don’t ask what she likes to eat, instead ask her about her career and education as it would make better sense.

Questions to ask should be chosen wisely. It should not feel like you’re interviewing her, but showing interest in her.

If you’re going to ask questions like what does she do the whole day, how many members are there in her family, etc., it would feel like an interview.

Asking questions like what was her best part of the week instead of what did she do the whole day, would make the conversation more interesting.

How asking interesting questions would help you?

When you want to know more about the girl you like, it is necessary to ask questions to her to get to know her better. Here are some things that would happen when you’ll use appropriate questions to ask her.

  • Using fun questions to ask the girl you like might make her interested in you. When you would use good questions, it would show a girl that you’re interested to know more about her, so there’s a good chance she might become interested in you.
  • When you’d get to know her better, you can decide if you want to keep liking her and try to get her attention or not.
  • Questions can keep the conversation going. Usually, after 2-3 boring questions, it feels like a burden to carry a conversation. When you would ask interesting questions, the conversation is less likely to die.

Now that it is clear that why asking fun questions to a girl is important, let us now look at some questions to ask that would make the conversation interesting and you would also get to know more and more about her.

5 Deep questions to ask a girl

Below is a list of deep questions to ask a girl that you like. These questions will give you an insight into her childhood and her ambitions.

What did you dream to become when you were a child?

questions to ask a girl about childhood

Asking her about her dreams and passions would tell you about her as a person and what she wants to do with her life. It would tell you what qualities and skills she adheres in herself.

What is your philosophy of life?

Her answer to this question would tell you a lot about what she thinks of life.

You’d get to know if she is a happy go lucky person who doesn’t care about the future or a girl who feels she has to prove her worth by becoming successful.

You can know her perspective on life. Does she take life seriously or not.

Are you an expressive person?

This might be a little bit weird question to ask a girl as if she isn’t expressive she wouldn’t really answer much to this but it is worth a shot.

You would get to know that if she is an introvert or an extrovert. If you’d get to know about this, asking appropriate questions can be easier.

You cannot ask an introvert if she wants to go to a party. It would also make some things clear like you’d finally know why she did something she did.

As the worst part of dating for her might be because she is an extrovert or vice versa.

What is your perspective on marriage?

questions about marriage

Her perspective on marriages would give a sense of what kind of person she is and how she views marriage ceremonies.

What was one thing or person that influenced you?

It is a good step to know what or who made her who she is today. What exactly influenced her behavior and why did she choose to change?

7 Personal questions to ask a girl to get to know her better

These are 7 personal questions to ask a girl to know about her personal and family life. This information about her will help you in the future as well.

Who are you closest to in your family?

By asking this question, you would get to know about her family and in what environment she was born and is living in.

You’d get to know about the person she’s closest to and why. Also about her upbringing and was she a pampered child or neglected child.

Asking this question would tell you a lot about her family and what they are capable to do for her. You’d also get to know if her family is loving and caring or if she has got strict parents.

She might also be comfortable and trust you with sharing her family problems and how it affects her.

Do you have a nickname?

Asking a girl if she has a nickname would be pretty cute.

It would show her that you’re interested in her, but if she allows you to call her by her nickname she is definitely interested in you.

You’d also get to know if it was her parents that gave her a nickname or someone else. If she doesn’t have a nickname, give her one!

Have you ever lost a person who was very close to you?

If she would be ready to answer this question, you can get to know how she handles loss. Is it by crying or expressing anger, etc?

Can you tell me one secret about you?

secret questions to ask a girl

This can be a personal question to ask a girl but if she agrees to tell you this, it is a good sign that she is interested and likes talking to you.

Telling a person about your secret can be scary, and if she is willing to trust you with her secret, it should be kept a secret by you too.

What do you hate the most about yourself?

You can get to know about her insecurities, which would benefit you as you can always compliment her on the things she doesn’t like about herself to make her feel good and comfortable being her own self.

What is one non-physical attribute you like about yourself?

Using these types of personal questions to ask a girl can be very helpful as when you would know what she likes about herself, it would be easier to please her by complementing the attribute she likes the most about her.

How did your parents meet?

Knowing what background and environment the girl you like comes from is important knowledge.

You can start by asking how did her parents meet.

You may also ask was it a romantic meeting or a forced meeting, or if it was a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

Ask her if they loved each other and are still in love or they fight?

These might be a little bit personal questions to ask a girl, but if you feel she is comfortable with you, you can go ahead with these questions but if you two have just started talking, you might want to wait for some time.

Interesting Questions to ask a girl about her past

Use these questions when you want to make the conversations deeper, these past life questions to ask a girl are your way into her past.

What is the best thing about dating for you?

Asking her about the best things she likes about dating would really help you in many ways.

You would get to know what you should be doing when you guys would date in the future (only if you do) and you would also learn about her dating experience with other guys.

What is the worst part of dating according to you?

With the best part, you also need to know the worst part of dating according to her. By learning the worst parts, you can easily avoid doing those things in the future, which would only make you a good guy to go on a date with.

What lessons did your past relationships give you?

Asking a girl questions about her bad phases in life can be a good step to make to get to know more about her.

9 Witty questions to ask a girl

These are some of the coolest questions to ask a girl, know about her hobbies and adventures she likes to go on with these questions.

Coolest place you’ve traveled to?

travel questions to ask a girl

Ask her about the coolest place she has traveled to and what was her experience like.

It would tell what kind of places to loves to visit and the kind of adventures she likes to do. Plus it also gives her a chance to relive her memory.

If you can go and live somewhere else, where would it be and why?

Ask this question from the girl you like and you can know about her dream place.

You’d get to know where does she dream to live one day and what is the reason for that.

You would get to know more about her dreams by asking her this question.

What was your worst dating experience?

When you’d ask this question, it would help you a lot by telling you the things you absolutely have to avoid if you’d ever date her in the future.

You’ll get to know about her bad experiences with different people and what she had hated the most.

Worst dating experiences can help you a lot by changing yourself to be her ideal date. You can come off as a perfect guy for her, that she’d love to be with.

You would know what she would like what she wouldn’t like by asking this question.

What do you like to do when you’re free?

Whether she likes to paint, or dance or, watch a movie, or maybe read a book, these type of questions to ask a girl would tell you a lot about her personality that what does she do when she is free.

If she’s an extrovert she might want to call her friends over or go to a party.

If she’s an introvert and doesn’t really like social gatherings, she might want to read books or watch movies and web series.

questions about art

If might give you ideas about how you can plan your dates with her if you’d ever be in a relationship. It also is an interesting topic to talk about.

What is a rumor you heard about yourself that you thought was funny?

Some people find rumors offending. By asking her this question, you can get to know if she used to take rumors about her seriously or laughs it off.

You can get to know if she is the type of girl who used to laugh as much at rumors about her as anybody else.

Asking these questions to a girl you really want to talk to can make any conversation fun and interesting.

Which bookdid you read or what movie did you watch recently and what was it about?

You can get to know about the kind of books she read/ movies she likes to watch and what genres she prefers, like is it horror or romantic or comedy.

interesting questions to ask a girl

By knowing her preferences you can guess the kind of person she is, for example, if she likes comedy she might be fun-loving, or if she likes romantic movies she might be emotional, or maybe if she prefers thriller books or movies she might be adventurous.

What 3 wishes would you ask for if a genie appears in front of you?

When she would tell you about the things she would ask for, she is not only trusting you with her secret but also enjoying the conversation.

You can also get to know the things she wants the most in life because anyone would ask a genie to grant their wishes of what they want the most.

What is one thing you have learned that others don’t know how to do properly?

Giving her a chance to show off her skills would only make her interested in you. She would know you listen to her and appreciate her talents.

After all, everyone likes to show off something they are good at.

What is the funniest way that you have been injured?

injury questions to ask a girl

Find the silly things she does or used to do which led to an injury and yet it was funny.

While these questions can make a conversation very fun, here are some more interesting questions to ask a girl for making any conversation interesting:

15+ Random questions to ask a girl you like

As a bonus we have also added these questions so that you never fall short of questions to ask a girl you like:

  • Are you a mountain person or a beach person?
  • If you were told you only have a month left to live, what would you do?
  • Would you rather be in love or be rich?
  • What were the happiest moments of your childhood?
  • What is one habit of yours that you hate the most?
  • How do you treat people who sometimes annoy you for no reason at all?
  • What is the best thing about getting older according to you?
  • What is the one thing you regret the most in your life?
  • What is something you are certain you would NEVER do?
  • Have you ever got drunk? If yes, what was the experience like?
  • What scares you the most about life?
  • What is the one thing you are very insecure about?
  • Are you a person who loves adventures?
  • What is the most romantic date you dream of?
  • Which song comes to your mind when you think of me?
  • What is the right age to get married according to you?
  • What is the one food you can never bring yourself to eat?
  • What is your idea of a perfect gift for a person you love?
  • What motivates you to be a better person?
  • What do you think is more important? Is it money or a person you love?
  • Are you a religious person or an atheist?
  • Do you care more about looks or brains?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Do you believe that having and maintaining a long-distance relationship is possible?
  • What is a weird tradition your family has?
  • What is one of the most embarrassing moments of your life?
  • If we have an apocalypse, how do you think you will survive it?
  • What is an achievement you are proud of, but people think of it as silly and stupid?
  • What is the best and the worst thing about being a female according to you?
  • Are you a feminist? What feminism is according to you?
couple asking questions

These were some interesting questions to ask a girl you like. But one thing should be remembered that it should not feel like an interview.

Never ask questions one after another, it would freak a girl out.

Instead, give her some time to answer a question, and then tell her your answers. If a girl listens to your answers with the same interest as you showed, she is interested to know more about you too.

You can show curiosity and interest by asking various questions, but if she does not want to answer any, give her some privacy.

No girl likes her privacy to be invaded. Moreover, it would only make her less interested in you if you would force her to answer your questions.

One should always remember to ask the right questions at the right time which means, not all of the questions written above are suitable to ask at any time. Some of them might be too traumatic and personal questions to ask a girl.

If you want to ask the girl some questions that are personal, get to know her first, and establish trust. She would share her thoughts once she gets comfortable talking to you and trusts you with her information.

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