7 Steps to Revive Your Dying Relationship That Actually Work

Rom-com movies are quite popular movies among audiences.

They involve some belly-holding laughter, a dab of tissue or two, and the most awaited moment: “THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER”.

For better or worse, “happily ever after” is an occurrence in the movies and not in real lives.

Movies end, but life goes on.

You desire a relationship that is smooth going. Reality check- a relationship is like the heartbeats you see on the monitor, full of ups and downs.

Falling in love is the most natural part, I say. The challenging part is staying in love.

The time you felt butterflies fluttering in your stomach is long gone. The over-night talks have turned to a tired slumber. The coffee dates are now history.

You would have to rack your brain hard to think when you spent some quality time.

Over the years, your relationship might have gone stale and you don’t realize where you stand in each other’s life.

It’s never too late to save your relationship. Here are 7 ways to revive your dying relationship:

Find your footing


To tackle a problem, you should be aware of the problem in the first place. Without a direction, you would be running around in never-ending circles.

Sit down and acknowledge that your relationship isn’t the same. Hash out the difficulties you have been facing. Buried wounds fester. So, let out the emotions you have been facing out open to your partner.

Maintain mutual respect

As love is essential in a relationship, another significant part that drives the relationship is respect. Mutual respect must always be maintained.

It is hurtful when you don’t get the respect you deserve from your partner.

Show your respect by frequently telling how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Just active listening on your part would mean the world to them.

Ask them how their day was? Showing respect isn’t a humongous task, just small jobs would mean the world to them.

Give the space they need


You may be in a relationship, but that doesn’t translate to being attached by the hip 24/7.

If the request is for some alone time, follow it and do not badger your partner.

They are just asking for some solitude and nothing more. Do not make a hill out of a mole.

Set some boundaries. Spend your time with friends.

Remember, you have relationships outside of your relationship with your partner.

Leave your ego at the doorstep

You would think a breach of trust or cheating by your partner is the only reason that can destroy a relationship.

It need not be.

Your magnanimous ego could be equally destructive and be the reason for the end of your relationship. Leave your ego out of the relationship.

Be courteous enough to acknowledge your mistakes. Do not get defensive when your mistake is pointed out.

Apologize whole-heartedly and do not patronize them.

Act on your words and prove to them that they aren’t just empty words, and you are making an effort to right your mistakes.

One hand cannot clap


Be conscious of the fact that you are a team and not solo players here. Work needs to be put in from both sides. Both need to participate in reviving this relationship equally.

Remember why you fell in love with them. Reminisce your sweet memories.

Setting up boundaries is agreeable, but not building a fort. Being vulnerable isn’t a crime.

Your partner won’t know what’s cooking in your mind until you communicate it effectively. Learn to talk out the emotions you feel and put forward politely what difficulties you are facing.

Stop comparing


The grass might look greener on the other side, but it isn’t. It is nice to have relationship goals that are unique to you.

Don’t tell X’s husband bought her a nice car. Stop telling Y’s girlfriend took him on a Europe trip. To each their own.

Have plans that are compatible with you. The comparison could lead your relationship to the brink.

Accept their flaws for all the good qualities they possess. Learn to accept and try not to change them.

Make room for your partner


You have commitments. But it shouldn’t override the priority you have towards your relationship.

Make some time for your partner. You are never old to go out on dates.

It could be taking some dance classes together, cooking meals for your partner, or just a walk around the park.

Have some new adventures together. Spend some quality time together.

Rekindle the fire that was put out between you.

Relationships need work to maintain it. Never forget that a beautiful relationship is when you are each other’s best friends. Be the best friend you want to have in your life.

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