Attributes of a healthy relationship

What Are The 8 Attributes In A Healthy Relationship Apart From Looks?

Having good looks is a blessing; that would be a unanimous agreement with a few naysayers scattered amongst the population. What would be the general opinion on the luck of good-looking people in bagging a relationship? This is an ongoing debate with contradicting opinions. 

There‚Äôs no doubt that looks do factor in the first impression of a person. Scoring dates is easier if you have good looks. But looks aren’t the only attributes in a healthy relationship. It isn’t very good to assume that every walking human on earth looks for is only looks in another person for a relationship. Different people find different characteristics attractive of different people. Few find intelligence attractive, and if you are funny, they may find you hot, charming smile, ooh someone maybe on fire.

Looks could be the foundation for the physical attraction between the couple, but the significance of looks wears off, and other attributes kick in to keep the relationship floating. So, what are the attributes of a healthy relationship apart from looks. Let’s find out –

What Are The Attributes Required To Maintain A Relationship?

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There are several attributes that define the relationship you maintain with your partner. Important attributes that strengthen your relationship are:

You Get Along With Each Other Like A Well-Oiled Machine.

This is a critical quality, which is more important than looks if you ask me. You should be able to talk to each other about everything under the sun. You don’t hesitate to talk about difficult things or aren’t afraid to be silly in front of your partner. You need to be with this person day in and day out; and if you can’t get along well, however, good-looking they are, it will be suffocating in such a relationship. Essentially, you are a team. So, you do everything together, and being compatible is a requisite to be in a healthy relationship.

Have Shared Values

Attributes in a healthy relationship

Sharing common values are more important than you imagine. If you have similar core values, then you will breeze through your life. From your religious beliefs to your idea of handling finances and overall outlook of the world-if they add up, then you will have lesser topics to butt you head-on. At the start of the relationship, you may bush it off, thinking that it will not cause a problem, but these minor things may create major-setbacks further down the road in your relationship.

Respect Each Other

To be respected as a human being is a basic right that shouldn’t be compromised in a relationship. Every loving relationship must have mutual respect. It is one of the main attributes in a healthy relationship, devoid of which the relationship may crumble under the relationship’s slightest strain. If love is the bricks that build relationships, respect is like cement, which maintains the relationship strong.

Honesty Is A Quality That You Appreciate In Each Other

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Being honest with each other is a trust level in a relationship, which indicates the relationship is in its finest stage. You trust your partner to the fullest and hold no second thoughts in conveying your innermost feelings and sentiments and be honest about your views and opinions. You feel secure in such a relationship. Your relationship is like a mirror that reflects only true views and candid opinions.

Dealing With Conflicts Head-On

As the relationship progresses, you are bound to have disagreements in your relationship at one time or another. You cannot escape conflicts in a relationship. If that were possible, you would find all the escapees stranded in ‘conflict-escape’ island with no round way ticket. How you address the conflict will influence the validity of your relationship. You need to face the conflicts head-on to solve them maturely with no stubbornness and hard feelings. 

Aren’t Looking For A Knight In Shining Armour Or A Damsel In Distress

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If you are looking for a savior in a relationship or fixing someone, you are better off single than being in a relationship. You cannot look for a knight in shining armor to save you, nor can you be in search of a damsel in distress to feed your hero complex. You can be bargaining more than you can handle. A relationship is an equal partnership, and one cannot be dependent on another. If the relationship isn’t a give and take, then it is doomed from the start.

Empathy And Understanding

The way a person reacts to an unhelpful waiter speaks volumes bout their character. If they aren’t annoyed by the slightest things happening in the daily lives, you have hit a goldmine. It is one of those attributes in a healthy relationship which should look out for. Snatch ’em before you lose ’em. You can be ensured that they will deal with larger problems in their lives calmly and maturely and not be a baby about it. They will extend the same empathy and understanding towards you. Such quality to possess in a relationship is a stairway to relationship heaven where looks can’t reach the first step.

Sense Of Humour

Humour is unique to everyone but is vital to a relationship. It is like a breath of fresh air in a relationship. Over time your relationship will go stale and boring, but possessing a good sense of humor in a relationship keeps the relationship rejuvenated. If you look around, couples who laugh together live together for a long. They have fun together and enjoy the relationship through highs and lows. A laughing face triumphs a good looking face on any day.

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