why type of single are you ?

9 Types of Singles: Which One Are You?

We tend to analyze relationships, but what happens when we’re single? Being single also defines who we are. It says something about ourselves, how we are, how we perceive the world, and of course what is our perspective on relationships.

There are people who decide to be in a relationship. But there are also some people who decide to be single.

Being single can be really fun. Everything is not cute for the singles as it might be for the crazy in love couples. The singles are always believed to be single because no one wants them. However, this isn’t always the case. There may be several reasons why a person chose to stay or the circumstances that led to them being single

They don’t like to waste their money on chocolates, roses or gifts and waste their precious time. But all types of singles aren’t the same.

Yes, there are different types of singles. A sample of some of those types of single people we find all around us.

Here are 9 types of singles you may or may not identify with.

The Deniers

single woman on phone

These people want a relationship so badly that they literally deny the whole concept of relationship. They make fun of other couples and argue how stressful relationships are and there’s no good out of it as they bring too many problems in life. They pretend to hate the idea of relationship so much that they hate everything that comes in two.

Although, when it comes to themselves, they never miss a chance to hit on somebody. Basically the are crazy.

The Temporary Ones

These are the hopeful ones. They believe that their current relationship status (single) is temporary and they would soon get in a relationship.

They have a mindset of a person who is single for a short period of time and is actively looking for a partner. They know that someone who is your ideal partner might be around the corner. They’re being active and logging in on dating sites and on local dating apps.

You have a plan on how to reach your goal. You’re optimistic about finding your ideal partner. You may have broken hearts along the way, but you know what you want in a relationship and you will not settle for less.

The Rebels

rebel type of single people

These types of singles don’t really care about love. They rebel against Valentine’s Day and celebrate by partying with their fellow single friends without feeling the need to have a date.

The know and have understood that life holds meaning beyond relationships.

The Quitters

the quitter single type

They have been through a bad relationship or have had experienced a relationship in a horrible way.

They have given up on love and the idea of getting in a relationship. They try to stay away from love as much as possible and stay single for the longest time.

The Desperate

These people have either never been in a relationship or have been out of one for a long time now. They are always on a hunt and look at every girl or boy as a potential lover they could be with.

They are so determined about getting in a relationship that they almost touch the invisible line of being a creepy head.

They will become clingy as soon as you would give them a little importance. And now, we have various dating apps for desperate singles like these.

The Adventurers

people stay single to date

These types of singles are never looking for a serious relationship. They like to explore. They go on dates with different people and explore everyone and everything. They’re the confident ones who go out of their comfort zones and adventures with new people and feelings.

The Flirts

They are very rarely or never in a relationship. They flirt around with different people and joke around at parties.

They stay away from feelings or are never approached by anyone or either don’t approach anyone. People don’t think of them as someone who could be serious about a relationship or love someone.

In reality, they are super lovable and when they love someone, they do it the right way and would do anything for them and their happiness.

The Workaholics

single man working on laptop

These types of singles are literally so much in love with their work that they genuinely do not need or get time for relationships

They commit so much to their work that they forget what it is like getting in a relationship. For them, it is like “What?” “What is a relationship?” “What is love?” “Who is love?” “I don’t know any love”.

The only relationship they think of is the ones with their clients and co-workers.

Workaholics don’t DO people, they make a TO-DO-LIST and make Microsoft Excel sheets.

The Normal Ones

These people are like the extinct species or some mythical creatures. Like, a lot of people say that they have seen these monsters, but none of them has been proven to exist.

They are as real as the fairies or ghosts. Or maybe these people do exist; only I just don’t know any.

Which type of single are you?

which type of single are you

Of course, being single is not a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t mean that it’s because of a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Being single is a completely okay choice. What is more, is many people should learn to be single so you can avoid depending on others. That way, you can always learn to spend time with yourself, to know yourself, and depend on yourself and not others.

It is great to fall in love and be in a relationship but being single is pretty amazing too. While your friends are thinking about how to find their next boyfriend or girlfriend, you are happily living in the moment while enjoying your freedom. After all, this is the youngest you will ever be and you might as well enjoy it for every ounce of fun.

If you’re here, just remember one thing: This is exactly how you should be. Living your life to the fullest and just wait for everything you want, It will show up with time and patience.

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