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Are You in a Healthy Relationship? Look For These Signs to Find Out

When we get into a relationship, we often ask ourselves a question-“Is he/she really the one?” As hard as this question is to answer, it also keeps us from putting all of our efforts into a relationship. We often stop putting efforts into a relationship when we feel it is not meant to be.

There comes a time when you want to do just everything for that one person but your doubts stop you from doing so. If you feel he is the one and want to be sure about it before giving it your best, below are some signs you can look for:

Your boyfriend respects you and your way of life

Your boyfriend respects you

A person who truly loves you would never force their way of leading the life upon you.

They would respect you and your decisions in life. There might be disagreements at some moments but they will make sure you agree with them to some extent.

Your partner doesn’t hesitate to introduce you to his family and friends


When a person isn’t serious about their partners or doesn’t “love” them and is just attracted to them, they often don’t like to introduce them to their families and friends.

But when they truly are in love, they won’t be ashamed to flaunt you in front of their family and friends and show you off like they have won a jackpot!

Partners who introduce you to their families hardly ever grow out of love.

They communicate instead of arguing

healthy relationship signs

When someone loves you, they would always avoid fighting.

Whenever a fight or an argument would take place, they would try to sort it out instead of playing the blame game.

So, if your partner says “Babe, let’s sit down and talk it out”, you are in the right place.

However, there may be some partners that have anger issues. In that case, they may get raged up for a few moments but if they return to you later and apologize like a baby, they do love you.

They just can’t get enough of you


When, after your honeymoon phase gets over but your partner still compliments you as you have just got together, he or she is the one, man! Don’t let them go!

They would often tell you how lucky they feel to be with you or will give you small surprises to show they still care.

They would let you know when they are busy

A common problem that occurs in a relationship is that when a person works full time and isn’t able to give the desired time to their partner.

This usually leads to days of arguments.

When you are with the right person, they will let you know when they’re really busy and won’t be able to talk or meet you, maybe by texting or calling you.

They send cute texts randomly


Early in the relationships, it is very common to send cute texts to your partners, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend still sends you cute texts randomly and they make sure that you know your worth and value in their life, that is absolutely the cutest thing one can do.

They motivate you

A partner that wants to be with you would want you to grow mentally and emotionally in life.

They would also want you to achieve your passions and would always motivate you to do better in life.

They make you love yourself

If your partner often reminds you of your worth in their life or how much they value you, they want you to love yourself and respect yourself.

If he/she doesn’t prioritize you and has other priorities except for family and career, there’s only one advice for this: pick up your shoes and run!

They don’t let others’ opinion affect your relationship

Some people often depend on hearsay and ruin their relationships just because someone told them that their partners are not the right person to be with or there is something wrong with their partner.

You should feel lucky if your partner doesn’t let other people change the way they love and adore you.

They are always there for you


Be it a happy moment or a sad moment, they are always there for you!

They cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day and they celebrate when you’ve achieved something.

They never let you go through hard times alone.

Have you noticed these signs in your relationship? If yes then you’re with the right person! Do not let them go!

Even if some of these signs aren’t there in your partner, there’s no need to overthink and lose hope. Give them a chance and be vulnerable.

Your heart may or may not break, but you’ll learn something from life.

After all, everyone isn’t the same and everyone has different ways of showering their love.

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