Are you ready to have babies

Are We Absolutely Ready To Have Babies? 9 Ways To Find Out

Don’t you go ‘awwww’ when you look at cute, chubby-cheeked- adorable babies of your friends or siblings? Those tiny hands, barely-palm sized feet, their serene face when their sleeping, everything from the tip of their hair to their toes, their entirety is dripping in cuteness.

Unfortunately, babies grow up and do not remain frozen in their babbling phases. As they grow up, there will be times when they make you want to pull your hair out. And there’s no ‘return the delivery’ policy tagged to babies [ Just kidding-no pun intended].

You can be prepared but never wholly ready to have babies. Some individuals have already picked out the names of their babies since their middle school time. Few have put a number on the kids they want to have. These are small things but having kids and raising them is a whole different league.

There’s no single parenting manual that is applicable. Every child is different, and likewise, no way of parenting is the same. There is no right or wrong way of parenting. So, before you assume the role of parents, here are nine ways by which you can determine if you are ready to have babies:

You Have Good Compatibility With Each Other 

Couple smiling

Being in a relationship requires you to spend some time together. When you have good compatibility with each other, the understanding between you will prepare you to face any difficulties ahead of each other. Let’s face it- having a baby together is a huge responsibility and isn’t going to be an easy task. But with good teamwork, you can do a good parenting job.

You Are Comfortable Being Around With Babies

Before having babies, you need to make sure that you are comfortable handling babies. Hope you aren’t grossed out by the ever-flowing drool and endless change of nappies. These aren’t cute but if you want the cuteness, then grossness is kind of a package deal. If you can handle it without breaking out in hives, then you are good to go. You will be a decent parent in the foreseeable future.

You Have Passed The Babysitting Test

woman babysitting

Look! You may be comfortable with babies for a few moments, but having babies is the most extended commitment you can get yourself into-EVER. For that very reason, you need to be a hundred percent sure that you will do your best. You need to completely dissolve yourself and make the baby your priority for the coming few years, whenever you want that to be.

One way to know is by offering to babysit your nephew or niece or your friend’s children. If you are alive by the end of the babysitting ordeal, it tells you that you are ready to have babies.

Why Not Have Some Pets?

Do you have any pets? Then that’s a good start in the right direction of having a baby. If not, then you should consider having a pet. Pets will require your constant care and will bloom your nurturing side that is hidden somewhere beneath. Once you are comfortable owning a pet, then you could take a giant leap of a decision in considering if you are ready to welcome a newer addition into your mini family.

Both Are Ready To Have Babies

couple playing with baby

Having a baby is a huge decision, which needs to be made by a unified front. The scale shouldn’t be tipping only on one side while weighing the decision. If only one of you is ready to have babies, then it is probably best to give it some time before you retake this topic to discuss. If you have a baby without full commitment from both ends, not only it will negatively affect the upbringing of the kid but it can become one of the reasons which may also have a damaging effect on your relationship.

Not A Tool To Fix Your Relationship

Few have this insane idea in their head that if you have a kid, then they could help you revoke the damages in our relationship. That’s such an absurd thought to hold in mind and shouldn’t be encouraged WHATSOEVER. Babies aren’t a tool to fix your relationship. Never welcome a baby in such an unhealthy environment. Both the individuals need to be whole before they dedicate to bring a new creation and love into this world. If you want to fix your relationship, then go to a counsellor and not make babies.

Have Extra Room For The Baby

baby sleeping

Having a room in your heart for the new member of your family is the top priority. But going an extra mile to ensure that you have extra room for the baby is also essential. Check if your finances are in the right place to bear the expenses of having a baby. Raising a kid is going to cost you some big bucks, and it is best if you are prepared.

Put Down Some Roots

As stated earlier, having a baby will require sacrifice. If your work involves travel, then you may have to reconsider your work area or make a compromise. If your partner is ready to take most of the responsibility in raising the kid, then kudos to you. If that isn’t favourable, then you may have to put down some roots before you branch out.

Do You Have Any Addictions?

woman drinking and smoking

Alcoholic and chain smokers don’t tag well with the word parent. You may want to deal with your addictions first before you get ready to have babies. Firstly, these destructive habits get in the way of conception. Secondly, it is harmful to the growing environment of the baby. It is like killing before creating. Sounds morbid, but the truth is always bitter. You may want to get as honest you can if you are considering having a third member in your family.

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