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Dating And Social Distancing-14 Ways On How You Can Achieve It

Pandemic has hit the globe and tilted the world of humanity upside down. People are scrambling around to adjust to the new normal. This ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ has made our minds go bonkers. How long can we stay cooped up inside until we lose our sanity? Amongst this time even the dating world has gone haywire.

 It has been aeons for millions of people who have been stranded by their loved ones. Some were already in the routine of long-distance relationships but corona added few more millions into the coop. Now that the lockdown has slackened and travel resumed, all have picked up their bags at lightning speed to meet their loved ones. However, the fear of coronavirus still exists. Practicing social distancing is a must to ensure the safety of everyone. In that case, how can we enjoy dating and social distancing at the same time? 

Worry not as here are some fantastic ideas for dating where you can express your feelings to your partner and have fun while being safe. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

14 Fantastic Ideas Of Dating And Social Distancing

Run A Marathon At Home

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Say WHAT!!! Did I hear that, right? Oh, my bad, I meant movie or TV Series marathon. When was the last time you watched movies back to back., without a care in the world? Go rent out your favorite movies. It could be a series of rom-com movies as you cuddle together or horror movies where you let out piercing screams damaging each other’s eardrums and scaring the bejesus of them or just a classic TV series Like FRIENDS. Binge out with some popcorns and enjoy dating and social distancing together.

Cooking A Meal Together

Miss going out on dinner dates? Why not create your own candlelight dinner at home? Dim the lights, light some scented candles, and for dinner-cook a meal together. You can bond over dicing onions and play Gordon Ramsay. You will appreciate the meal even more and get to taste a meal prepped by your partner. You can feed each other. How romantic is that?

Reading a book together.

Couple reading book together

Are you a bibliophile? Why not read out your favorite books to each other? You can even role-play with the characters and have great fun. You could talk about your viewpoints of the book and have stimulating conversations.

Play Trivia

Technology has made our life so easy. There are so many fun apps out there. Download trivia game apps and have ready-made social distancing dating ideas right at your home. You could probably win some money too while having fun. Show your trivia expertise and take delight in beating your partner in the game.

Why Not Be A Model?

Are you bored of your Instagram page? Shoot some fun photos and videos of each other. Dig out those old clothes buried in the back of your closet and put a twist in them to bring out the fashion diva in you. You can get inspiration from the internet for creative ways of clicking pictures. Say CHEESE!!

Watch Sunrise Or Sunset.

Couple romancing in sunset

Cherish the blessing of a day by watching sunrise and sunset. We are always on the run and hardly take a moment just to take a deep breath. Just for a moment, stop the chase and pause to appreciate the beauty of nature. Watch the magical sunrise or sunset holding your partner’s hand and under each other’s embrace, enjoy dating and social distancing together.

A Long Drive Under Starry Nights

How many stars do you think are there in the sky? Silly question, I know. But it’s fine to be silly once in a while. Go out on a long drive under the starry nights and let down your hair. Sing along to the soft music and enjoy the date in the solitude of your partner.

Pose Your Green Thumb

Want to bring in some green touch to your humble abode. Why not try your hand at gardening? You could grow your own veggies or watch flowers blossom. You will feel content with your contribution towards greenery and negating the carbon footprint left behind. The plant could be the little one you created by the efforts of both. That’s one eco-friendly social distancing dating idea. Right?

Belt Out The Lyrics Of Your Favourite Songs

Couple listening music together

Celebrate a karaoke night at home. Play YouTube karaoke music and sing along to the song of your favourite band. You could create games like guess the song or sing a song with the last letter of the previous song.

Dip Your Feet In The Salty Water Of The Beach

Go for a quiet walk on the beach in early mornings. This way, you would be practicing safe social distancing as the beach will be less crowded in the mornings. You could make a sandcastle. Carve out a heart with your names inside it on sand or dip your feet in the waters and enjoy the serenity.

Volunteer In Nearby Organizations

During these tough times, we want to be assured that humanity still exists and hasn’t fizzled away. Volunteer at nearby organizations-it could be delivering food at nearby shelters or feeding the street dogs or visiting an orphanage. It will be a good deed you did together for the day.


Thanks to coronavirus, the whole world was on a long break. The lockdown reduced human movement and interference, paving the way for some much-needed freedom for the animal world. More birds are seen around in nature. So lovebirds, grab a back-pack and set out together to go birdwatching and enjoy nature.

Solve A Puzzle

couples solving puzzles

Go back to your childhood where you would have solved tons of puzzles. Solving a puzzle together will nurture your bond and compatibility, bringing you closer than ever.

Build A Fort

Can you remember the last time you built a fort out of your blankets? Have a fantastic date under the comfort of your blankets, hang some fairy lights, and maybe cook some ramen. Enjoy each other’s company while having fun conversations and spend the night in the embrace of your life partner.

I hope you enjoyed these fun and socially distant dating ideas. Stay safe and happy.

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