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Gift Ideas To Mark Your First Anniversary Of The Relationship

Completing a one-year-long relationship feels nothing less than winning a gold medal in an event-one year of togetherness in harmony and bliss, quarrels, and spats. Celebrating your first anniversary is momentous, and an integral part of celebrating your first anniversary is having some gift ideas for your partner.

 You do not want to disappoint your partner, and your only wish is to see him/her break out into a huge smile as soon as he/she opens the gift. That is quite a formidable task if I must say so.

You will be celebrating your first anniversary only once; It is a milestone you will always cherish and look back on fondly. Hence making the best choice of gifts can be tricky and overwhelming.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started on shortlisting your gift ideas and hopefully help you choose the best, just like your partner.

How To Select A Gift For Your Partner?

GIfts ideas for your first anniversary

Having completed one year of the relationship, you have gotten to know your partner a little better. Over time, you may know what his/her likes and dislikes are. You can start your gift hunting based on this criterion. If you think you need additional help, your best bet would be to seek help from their siblings or close friends. They will know what ticks your partner off and what makes your partner jump in joy. Keeping their suggestions in mind, you can get a hazy idea of what direction to venture on your gift-hunting adventure. 

So, do not just walk into a gift-store and pick the first gift your eyes lay on or give roses and chocolates because that is the trend. I am not saying that giving roses and chocolates is a bad choice. But it may happen so, that rose isn’t their favorite flower, and it is lilies. So, keep their personal preferences in mind while choosing the gift.

The next important factor is your budget. How much are you ready to shell out of your pocket on your first-anniversary gift? This will depend on your financial situation and also your partner. Expensive or not, what matters is your thoughts behind it and your personal touch featured on the gift.

Gift Ideas For Your Partner Based On Their Likes And Tastes

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  • If your partner is into sports, then you can select gifts in this area. Your partner may have mentioned that he/she wanted a piece of special equipment or want to attend a particular match. Then you can buy them tickets to a particular match and make a date out of it. It’s a win-win situation; you make your partner happy and happy as you get to spend some time with them.
  • If both of you like travelling, then why not plan a romantic getaway. You can surprise your partner by taking them out on a surprise trip. You can make it a weekend trip to one of their favourite places or plan a picnic in their favourite spot. You can surprise them by cooking their favourite meal and have a fantastic picnic.
  •  You can never go wrong with accessories. If your partner like watches, you can buy them one, or if your partner adores a particular brand’s shoes, then you can buy them one. Now, if you aren’t confident in choosing the gift according to their tastes, the least you will know is their favorite brand. You can buy them a gift card of that particular brand and let them chose what they want.
  • If your partner is into jewellery, then you can buy a jewellery piece of their birthstone. It is a thoughtful gift as they will notice that you know details about them, and it will make them fall in love with you even more. Or you could buy jewellery with both initials or a message engraved into it. How romantic is that?
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  • Bring out the wordsmith in you through handwritten love letters. Nothing says I love you like a romantic letter written to your beloved. The letters were written can be treasured forever. You can top it by referring to some of their favorite movie quotes. It need not be a rom-com movie. It could be any favorite movie of theirs; if you can incorporate it into your letter, they will swoon.
  • Let your creative juices flow by making a collage of all the photos that highlight your relationship. Make a scrapbook out of it and accent it with your signature style. It will showcase the effort you have put in, and I bet they might shed a tear or two.
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  • If your partner is tech-savvy, buy them a new gadget that tingles their inner geek. It could be a new smartwatch or a speaker, or a wireless headphone. Buy them an-reader, if they are an avid reader or buy them subscriptions for audible or kindle.
  • Is your partner a workaholic? Why not book them a day in the spa? They deserve a break from their busy routine and a gift as a day in a spa will have them rejuvenated and feeling fresh like a flower.

Gifts are a thoughtful and sentimental representation of how you feel about them. It is an occasion to make the person feel special for just being themselves. Putting in some efforts and a little thought in gifting a unique gift for your first anniversary will pave for many such celebrations and joyous occasions to appreciate in the coming years of your relationship.

Some gifs are big, others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.

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