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How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide

Tinder is all the rage now in the dating community. Whether you are looking for casual dating or have the intention of getting into a serious relationship, Tinder is your destination. From setting up your profile to tips on swiping left, you have all the information you need in this ultimate guide.

What Is Tinder?

Tinder is a free mobile dating app launched in 2012, where you can match with a partner of your interest in your area. Since then, this location-based dating app is one of the top-ranked apps. ‘Swipe right, swipe left motion’ -competitors have replicated the signature style of Tinder, yet Tinder hasn’t budged from the mountain top position.

There may be the misconception that Tinder is an app designed for the age group of the twenties and thirties. Though it is popular with people of this age group, people of age more than the thirties aren’t deterred from using Tinder.

Does It Put A Hole In Your Pocket To Use Tinder?

piggy bank

Downloading tinder app is free. You get to enjoy the necessary facilities and options. If you want additional benefits, you have an option of upgrading to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold or make some in-app purchases and access premium features.

Tinder is available on android and iOS phones.

If you do not want to waste memory space of your phone, you can use the desktop version of Tinder by logging in on the Tinder website.

How To Create Your Tinder Profile?

  • You can sign up by using your Facebook profile.
  • You can also sign up with your Gmail account.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook profile, you can create an account with your phone number, followed by filling in the prompt-details.

Recipe For The Best Tinder Profile

Your tinder profile needs to be the best if your focus is to score dates. The best impression of your profile will attract prospective dates. The secret ingredient to best profile is your profile photo. In other words, better your photos, better are your chances on the date.

How To Post The Best Photo?

handsome man
  • You should be the only one in the frame.
  • Select the image with high contrast. We do not want you to become one with the surrounding, rather stand out.
  • Making eye contact in the photo makes you feel approachable.
  • Upload at least three photos. It indicates you are genuinely interested in dating.

Tinder has Smart Photos, a built-in feature that recommends the best primary photo based on an algorithm. You must have the best line-up of your photos for Tinder to choose from.

If you think photos aren’t your best suit, you can use the option of Prompts. Tinder has come up with Prompts that has a 144-character limit. Come up with some witty lines for prompts. This way Prompts will initiate a chat between your matched profile and get to know each other better.

Loops are a recent-addition which are 2-second videos. A mix-up of your best photos, loops and prompts can make your photo line-up the best. Tinder has nine spots in the line-up.

How To Write The Best Tinder Bio?

Once you have perfected the line-up section, you may want to concentrate on your Tinder Bio. There is an ‘About Me‘ space provided with a 500-character limit. This is an insight into your personality and the type of person you are. Make your bio as charming as you can and let it be true to yourself.

According to a survey of over 1,30,000 male tinder users, most of them swiped right based on the picture and didn’t read the profile. Few of them swiped right on every profile they to just match with them ad have options open.

Women tend to be selective in swiping right a profile. They not only check the photos but also glance at the bio. So, men have to put in extra efforts to make their bio attractive to snag matches.

Here are some tips for everyone to make the best Tinder bio.

Less Is More

With 500-character limits, you have to make the best impression with fewer words. You may want to give your best shot here. Stick to your priorities and values. Don’t write a saga but also more than a sentence is preferable. Make it catchy and as authentic to you as you can.

Highlight Your Sense Of Humor

man and woman laughing

If you have a great sense of humour, then work it up. Write something funny attributing to your personality. Everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Don’t attempt too hard to be funny because the jokes may fall flat. If funny isn’t your strong suit, then ignore adding the funny element in your bio.

What’s Your Height?

This may sound a little odd, but adding your height in the bio may fetch you the best matches. Some are attracted to petite women. Some may like tall men. At the same time, few aren’t particular about the height of people, to each their own.

Honesty Is The Best Policy.


State honest facts of yourselves in the profile. Just because it is an online dating profile doesn’t validate for lying about yourself.

Be truthful about what you are looking for. Long term or serious relationships is what you are looking for , then state so in your bio. If you are looking for a casual relationship, then write that in your bio. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, be honest about that too. You can write something like- “Exploring the dating pool, trying to go with the flow, etc.”

This way, you aren’t misleading anyone, and the match will be sure of what they are getting into.

Grammar Nazis Are Out There

Ensure the spellings and your sentences are grammatically right. You may be swiped left by the grammar nazis out there. Hence let your bio not have poor grammar.

You can edit the profile information any moment you want by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen.

After building the basic profile, you can filter your options based on age, gender, maximum distance, etc.

How To Cruise Through Tinder?

woman using phone

Tinder is all about swiping left and swiping right-sounds fun and straightforward. When you open the app, profiles will be presented on your screen. If you like it, swipe right and if the profile doesn’t interest you, then swipe left. This decision lies just in the tip of your finger.

A typical user gets 100 swipes per 12 hours. When you swipe right on a profile and the person on that profile, swipes right, it’s a match on Tinder.

What Do These Tinder Icons Mean?

On clicking this icon, you will like a ‘profile’. Instead of swiping right, you can click on this icon.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 1

Click on this icon, if you aren’t interested in the profile.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 2

This icon features the ‘super like’ option. If you’re really into someone, then click on this icon. This feature is available only once for free users and five times for premium users, per day.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 3

This is tinder boost, which will push your profile on the top for 30 mins in your area. This feature isn’t available for free users but one free.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 4

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 5Clicking on this icon in the messaging view brings up Noonlight’s timeline, where you can share details like who is your date, when you are going and where you’ll be going, with friends.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 6

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 7This is a feature of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription members. Clicking on this will undo your last swipe.

How Does Tinder Work? The Complete Guide 8

How To Make The Best Use Of Tinder?

Whether it is a casual date or a meaningful relationship you are looking for, it’s essential to know how to make the best you of the app to benefit you. Basic tinder tricks you need to know-

  • The first impression is the best impression. Your photos and profile need to be the best if you want to stand out in the matching pool.
  • Make the first move in sending messages. You can take charge of the conversation. This will help you in making your best impression.
  • Your goal is not to stick In Tinder app forever but taking things off the app as soon as possible. So, don’t take too long to ask him/her out.
  • Always suggest your first-time meet in a public place. Public-place will make the women feel safer to meet you because you are practically a stranger; she is meeting off an app.

Tinder Plus-Do You Need It?

confused man

Tinder Plus costs around 336.77 rupees per month, with long-term plans allowing for discounts up to 50%. If you subscribe for a more extended subscription plan, you will shell out less money from your pocket. The 6-month plan is priced at around 224.89 rupees per month, while the yearly plan is priced at 168.70 rupees per month.

What are the features you will be benefitting from Tinder Plus?

  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • Unlimited options to rewind your last swipe
  • Ad-free swiping
  • Change your location to anywhere in the world with the Passport feature
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Limit the information that’s visible to others
  • Have your profile shown only to people you’ve “liked”.
  • Skip the line of date-hunting for 30 minutes to get more matches.
  • One free Tinder Boost every month

If you frequently travel for your work purpose, then paying for Tinder plus is worth it. You can swipe through local profiles and have dates lined up when you step in the new place.

If you live in a metropolitan city, then people density will be higher. You’ll use 100 swipes in no time and upgrading Tinder to plus will save you the time for waiting for another 12 hours to swipe again.

Another added benefit of purchasing Tinder Plus is you can hide your Tinder Profile from other users. Your profile is revealed to those profiles whom you’ve swiped right.

If you find it expensive, then another way you can make better use of Tinder is by making in-app purchases of Super likes and Boosts. You can still be a free member but shell a few pennies to gain benefits.

Is Upgrading To Tinder Gold Worth It?

Tinder Gold is the elite benefits of the app. You’ll be getting all the perks of Tinder Plus and two premium features-

  • 4-10 Top picks will be showcased every day. For free users, it is only one. Top picks are recommended profiles by Tinder algorithm that matches your dating preferences by analyzing your swiping patterns. This way, you will be offered the cream of the crop profiles to choose from.
  • You get a grid view of the profiles who have liked your profile already. If you swipe right in any one of the photos displayed in the grid, then it is going to be an instant match.

Tinder Gold is a boon to men than women because the number of profiles of men is three times greater. By using Gold, you will be guaranteed matches.

Tinder Gold subscription costs around Rs.524.28 per month. You will be saving 36% if you subscribe for six months with Rs 337.09 per month and save more than 52% with just Rs 253.07per month.

Tinder Platinum New Feature Introduced.

excited boy

Tinder Platinum is a newer feature introduced in the market . It provides  all the same features as Plus and Gold, with two bonus exclusive features : Priority Likes and Message before matching-increasing your chances of getting a match.

  • Message before matching will help you know the person better. You start a conversation by attaching a message to your Super Like 
  • Your like is placed over others with Priority Likes
  • See who likes you before you Like
  • You’ll have new top picks everyday
  • Unlimited Likes 
  • 5 super likes to exercise everyday
  • 1 Boost a month 
  • Passport
  • No ads 

Note: Tinder Platinum is a set of new revenue features tested in specific markets.

What After I Am Matched?

Once, you are matched, the next step is to converse with each other. Click on the message screen and tap on the conversation icon. Either of you can start the conversation. If you are a man, then the competition will be a little high. You need to make a fascinating conversation to make you stand out from the rest of the profile crowding a women’s profile.

Just ‘hey’ sounds boring and cliched. Instead, comment on something you found interesting in their profile. Ask creative and engaging questions. Here are some exciting icebreakers you can try with your matches while messaging.

Be Yourself

confident woman

I think this is the most straightforward advice anyone can give-Just be yourself. Yet people make it hard. Being original in messages can be refreshing than the same old ‘Ssup’ and ‘Hey beautiful’.

You could share something interesting that happened during the day, or maybe you share the same tastes in music or books which you may have noticed in the profile. It doesn’t matter unless it isn’t the same old phrases or one-liners.

Compliment Technique

Commenting on someone’s looks has lost its flavour now. But if you cannot resist the urge to compliment-don’t go for the vague comments. Be specific about the physical attributes you find flattering on him/her. “Your eyes are striking. It reminds me of cafe mocha” or “I love your curly hair.”

Ask Questions

What better way to start the conversation than asking questions? It can be something like ‘never have I ever‘ or ‘This or that questions’. This way, the answers to give won’t be complicated and will get your conversation flowing. Your match may also have some intriguing questions that may have you thinking for quite some time.

Have Fun With GIFs

GIFs will set a playful tone to your conversation. If your conversations lean towards the deep end in the first text, you will be blocked even before you may see it coming. So chose some cute GIFs that may bring a smile or make them laugh. Send GIFs related to their favourite book or a character in a movie, if something about it was mentioned in the profile.

You have a win-win situation where they’ll notice you have read their bio, and also you get to show your wicked sense of humor.

Evoke Sympathy

couple standing

Now when I tell sympathy, I am not talking about mentioning deep-personal stuff. That may come across very abrupt and be awkward. You haven’t met each other in person to share your sob-stories. Keep in mind the person across the screen is still a stranger.

You may share a diluted version like I spilt coffee on my dress or It was tiring day because I had back to meetings. Situations like these are relatable and may share their own crappy day stories which sound funny now but wasn’t on that day.

Talk About Food

Who doesn’t love food? After all, most of the things we do in our life are to fill our stomach. Food is common to all, and you can use it to your advantage. You may share the same love for coffee or not like pineapples on your pizza.

This way, you’ll know about each other’s favourite food. And if you end up going on your first date, this conversation may have come in handy in choosing the right place for your date.

For instance, your match may be vegetarian. By selecting a restaurant that has vegetarian options for meals shows you are thoughtful.

Conversations on food will score you some brownie points.

Share Your Playlist

If you both love music, then it can serve as the best icebreaker. Ask what he/she is currently listening to. Send your favourite playlist. If you play any instrument, then you may share a snippet of music you are tinkering with and ask for their feedback.

If your both are in harmony by the end of your conversations, then you could ask him/her out to a concert or drinks with some live music.

Know What They Are Currently Reading.

couple reading

If you find yourself with an erudite match, then show interest in their reading interests. Ask what their all-time favourite book or what they are currently reading is. In doing so, you sound smarter too. It goes to show that you value intellect in a person too.

Where To Go On Your First Date?

Now that you have scored a match and had some exciting conversations, your next step is to have your first meet. Thinking about meeting your date for the first time might be making you nervous and add in the stress of selecting the right place. You are definitely on edge.

What may be some good ideas for your first Tinder date?

You May Want To Keep It Simple

You may be in for meeting up for coffee or grabbing some drinks. Simple date like this will give you a chance to focus on your date. You will not have distractions and get to know each other better. You will know if you have any chemistry or are better off by not pursuing a second date.

Suppose you aren’t confident that you cannot keep the conversation going and may cause an awkward date. Then you can try some of the next ideas.

Do Something Sporty

This is a good idea if both of you are into sports. You do not want to bore your date if he/she isn’t familiar with the sport. Check-in your match likes a particular sports/ team. You may remember your match mentioning about it in a conversation.

The loud crowd may serve as a distraction when you aren’t sure what to talk about.

Live Music Event

music event

There may be an upcoming band who may be great. You could take your date to a live music event. A romantic ambience will set a pleasant atmosphere for your date. It will help you both loosen up a bit and also have some fun together. Groove together to the beats and have a great first date.

Game Night To Show Your Sportsmanship.

If you and your date are both in for playing some games, then you can hit in a café or pub that’s hosting a game night. Food and games -sounds like heaven. A little bit of competition may give you the opening for dome flirting and riling each other up. 

Books And Coffee

You both can geek out in a bookstore in a cosy corner tucked in with a book and sipping on some hot coffee. You could recommend each other your favourite books to each other, which they may not have read. 

It may sound boring, but with the right person, it could be a lot more interesting.

Tinder can be the place where you meet the one or just make new friends.Hope this ultimate guide will help you in your journey, helping you reach the destination you choose.

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