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How To Attract Men In Your Twenties?

It is usually in your twenties when your dating game takes a severe turn. In your twenties, you are already out of college, doing well in your job and having a great time with your friends and family. The only missing ingredient of the trifecta is being in a relationship. Seeing your friends settling down and putting down some roots makes you yearn for the same feeling. So, what is the game plan? 

How to attract men in your twenties? It may sound superficial, but I am not talking about the outer attributes. In this article, we’ll be going through some ideas on how to accentuate the hidden facets of what makes you and how you can be interested in the dating field.

Sense Of Humour

Having a great sense of humour is an attractive quality. It showcases you have a laid-back personality, and you know to let go of certain things, and not everything in life is serious. If you can crack a joke on a whim or make an amusing passing comment, it will notch up your appeal meter. Making jokes isn’t your forte? Not an issue. Laughing at your date’s joke also goes to show that you appreciate a funny joke and own a good sense of humour. Good sense of humour makes the conversation colourful and your date memorable.

Maintaining Eye Contact

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A common saying you may have heard around is- Eyes are the windows to your soul. When you are conversing with each other, you must maintain eye contact with the other person. It conveys that you are present in the moment wholly and fully engaged in the talk.

If your eyes keep darting around when the other person is speaking, it is disrespectful. No one finds this quality attractive in a person where it invokes a feeling in the other person like they are talking to a wall and not a person.

Set A Boundary Around You

Being inquisitive and being downright nosy are two different things. When you are initially getting to know each other, you are paving the way to feel comfortable with each other. You are curious to know more about the person-what are their likes and dislikes, what ticks them off, so on and so forth. What isn’t attractive in a person is when they do not understand when not to act out of line.

Keep the conversations light and airy. Know your limits and do not pry on things he doesn’t want to talk about. When the time is right, and he is comfortable, he will raise the topic or initiate the conversation in that regards. Have some patience and enjoy the company until then.

Be Assertive And Not Dominant

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It is twenty-first century and women are on par with men in being on a get-go and becoming successful in their respective path. Men find it attractive when women are assertive. It isn’t always men who have to plan the dates. You can plan a fantastic date or foot the bill for an entire date. Try surprising your partner with gifts. Occasionally, make the first move in your relationship and enjoy the look of shock on his face.

Don’t always try to take charge of the situation. Men find it uncomfortable. Be assertive and not dominant. Switch roles and mix it up.

Having A Sunny Disposition

We tend to gravitate towards positive people. No one likes to be around who always grumble and have a pessimistic attitude. So have a festive air around you that will attract people towards your personality. Be a cheerful person and not a downer. Despite all the flaws in the world, it is a beautiful place to live in. Finding positive things around us make it even more worthful to live in this fantastic abode.

Communicating Well

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While everyone wishes to be Professor Xavier, in reality, it doesn’t exist. Men can’t read minds, and they will not know what is going on in your head until you tell them about it. At most, they can guess, but the communication will be effective when it is from both ends. So, learn to communicate well and share your feelings articulately.

Men like it when the relationship is easy to maintain, and communication is a critical element of it. If you want to be the woman of his dreams, then embrace this quality within you.

Great Body Language

One can know a lot about a person from their body language. Body language communicates the real core of what one feels. So, having a great language is vital in attracting the right man for you. This has nothing the way you look but more to do with how you hold your posture, from your stance to the way you walk. All of these factors joined together portray that you are comfortable with who you are, and it is an attractive quality to possess. Hold your chin up and ooze confidence in everything you do.

Be Yourself

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Putting a fake persona upfront won’t give you any brownie points in scoring a relationship. Contrarily, you will end up in a mess. Men like women who have their own voice and stand up for their beliefs. Have your own personality and do not try to be someone else thinking if you be that particular person, you are more likeable. It is fake, and frankly, it is more tiring to be someone else. Let him know the beautiful soul that you are. Let him know the intricacies of your self, both the beauty and the flaws.

Just remember, everyone is human, and no human being is perfect on this earth. If you think there is anyone out there who you think is perfect, then they don’t qualify as human. It is the flaws that make your human, approachable and attractive.

Better a diamond with a flaw than a perfect pebble.


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