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Is Smartphone Driving a Wedge In Your Relationship?

Smartphones are considered the greatest boon to be bestowed upon the 21st century. It has evolved our lifestyles beyond our imagination. It has ingrained into our lives and has become an irreplaceable entity.

You want to go somewhere you have your phone to guide, you want to pay your bills. The payments are made in a few clicks; you want to check your health status-boom-the app installed in your cell phone to indicate your heartbeat, number of steps you have walked for the day, etc.

Smartphones are getting smarter with each passing day but, have you paused to think about how your smartphone is affecting your relationship?

Smartphones have become the virtual third wheel in our relationships. Nowadays, it shouldn’t come across as a surprise if a couple split up because of a mere non-living entity. The very reason two people were in a relationship also could be the reason for a couple to break-up.

Smartphones have their benefits, no doubt. It has made the long-distance relationship a feasible thought to consider. You miss your baby, you whip out the phone and send ‘I miss you’ in a few seconds. You want to see your darling’s face; you video-call them. You can set virtual dates by watching Netflix shows or eating your meals together. Gone are the times when you had to wait for ages for the letters from your beloved.

However, smartphones cannot be everything. The more one feels smartphones are making us closer to the world, the farther away it takes us from the near and dear ones. A new term has been coined just for this- it is called phubbing short for ‘phone- snubbing.’

Are you a member of the ‘phone-snubber club’? It is primal to know if you are a phone-addict. Catching on to these signs early will make you understand how your smartphone is affecting your relationship and will help you to decide how to save it, which may be on the brink.

Signs To Verify Your ‘Phone-Snubber’ Or ‘Phubber’ Status.

How your smartphone is affecting your relationship

Your Day Begins With Your Smartphone.

Without your consciousness, the first thing your hand reaches out for is your smartphone. Just from switching off your alarm, it moves to check your mails, and next, it will be your social feed. You get sucked into the vortex of the smartphone. Instead of snuggling your partner, you are caressing your smartphone. Does it look like a healthy relationship to you?

Do You Use Your Phone Even When You Are Having Meals?

That’s a major sign of phone-snubber. Merely being present physically, doesn’t qualify for spending quality time with your partner. You are missing out on cherishing some down-time with your partner.

Your partner wants your undivided attention, and when you are glued to your phone, your partner will be annoyed. If it is an unbreakable cycle, then very soon, it will be only you and your smartphone on the dinner table.

Your Phone Tags Along With You Even To Your Bed.

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The phone comes to your rescue when you aren’t falling asleep. That’s what we assume. But it Is far from reality. The blue-rays emitting from the screen are known to disrupt the sleep cycle and dampen intimacy with your partner. The smartphone is giving rise to a vicious cycle, and if you do not come out of this soon, then there may be some serious consequences you have to face.

You Feel Disabled Without Your Smartphone.

Do you panic when you can’t find your phone? Do you feel lost when you aren’t using your phone? If your answer is a resounding yes, then it is a dead giveaway that you are a phone addict.

If you are using your phone to escape from the reality of dealing with your relationship issues, you need help not only with your addiction but also with your relationship.

Tips To Keep Your Phone Usage In Check

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Set Time-Limit To Limit Phone Usage

You must set up rules to contain your phone addiction. For instance, you will switch off your phone or keep it silent after, say 8:00 P.M, or you will check your emails after 9:00 A.M. This will give you time to spend time with your partner. You can chat about how your day went or about some random events. Undivided attention for a few minutes can make your partner grin from ear-to-ear.

Bedrooms Are No-Phone Zone.

Keeping smartphones out of sight will inevitably keep it out of mind. Having your smartphones out of reach will ensure you have quality -sleep, and you will start the day on a positive note as you are well-rested. Invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you up. This way, you will not resort to using smartphones as an excuse.

Turn Off The Ringer

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If you are out on a date, then switch your phone to silent. You do not want to get distracted by the notifications or message tones. Unless you are in a serious line of duty like saving lives, keeping your phone silent for a couple of hours will not harm you. Have fun with your partner and create memorable moments, not just for the sake of uploading photos on your social media handles.

Let’s Play The ‘Switch-Off ‘Game.

If you can afford it, then follow a no-tech day. It could be once a month or once a week. You would be thinking -Are you crazy? How can I survive a day without my smartphone? We don’t have to get so dramatic, do we? Start on small dosages like one-hour and gradually build-it up. If you need to catch up on your work emails, or important calls, devote an hour in the afternoon or evening solely for this purpose and then chuck off your phone until the next day.

Smartphones are handy, yet it cannot replace a human being. It is only good until your smartphone serves as your match-maker, but don’t let it be your relationship-breaker.

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