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The 8 Best Dating Apps For Singles Out There

Technology has made it very easy for the current generations’ singles out there who want to mingle. Scoring dates in the old-school fashion has become obsolete, and finding dates via a dating app is the norm now. There are numerous dating apps out there to cater to the tastes of singles. More the choices, more significant the confusion. To ease your confusion, this article will help you find some of the best dating apps available, what are its best features, how can it help you with your dating life.

Top Dating Apps For You To Try

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Bumble app is a women-centric dating app. Always woman has to initiate the conversation towards the profile they like. Another distinct feature of bumble app is that it comes with a timer. Timer!! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? When the woman has initiated the conversation, the person on the other end has to reply within twenty-four hours. If you procrastinate, then you are out of the game and lose the potential match.

This is a great app where chauvinism has no place, creating a pleasant environment for finding your potential match. The timer can be a hit and miss with few people. The timer is designed to encourage rapid communication. While some appreciate this feature as it will save a lot of their precious time and some may find it a little annoying as they aren’t good with making it on time or forget at times.


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OkCupid has aimed some great cupid arrows between people which has ended in marriage. One of the best features of this app is it has a more-in-depth profile in contrast to other dating apps. You can answer a series of questions asked in the app, which will generate a reasonable Match/Enemy percentage ratio on the profiles. This will help you gauge the compatibility with other profiles and make the best choice.

Over the years, few updates have been made incorporating the famous Tinder-like swipe feature to strike out the uninteresting profiles. You can message the eliminated profiles, but the message won’t be showcased in the recipient’s inbox unless it is a match. This feature has worked well for OkCupid. Users have pointed out that the number of offensive messages dropping in their box has reduced.


Tinder logo

Tinder being one of the earliest players in the dating market, is still a popular name among the singles across the world. This is the app that pioneered the move-Swipe left or Swipe right. This is the first stop where the singles make who are newly stepping into the online dating pool. You can easily connect to nearby people in less than a minute.

Some of the highlights of this app are mutual friends, super-like option, etc.: You can choose the profile based on age, distance, and so on. While shorter profile makes it easy for singles to glance through the details efficiently and chose; the downside is it becomes harder to figure out what kind of person he or she is.


Hinge app logo

Hinge has a Facebook-template paying attention to the standard connection and mutual friends. The user profiles in this profile are very engaging and informative. One can enter details like your political interests, your religion, how often one drinks, your interest in children and so on. These details will help you narrow down based on the shared beliefs and interests your share. Some of these could be deal-breakers. By showing these details, users of this app can save wasting their time on a relationship which could potentially not move forward after a given point of time.

Prompts provided add some flair to the profile. This app comes highly recommended for singles who are looking to get into a serious relationship.


badoo dating app

Badoo has become a household name in the online dating platforms by having the most extensive user base in the world. Currently, Badoo operates in 190 countries and is available in 47 different languages. In 2017, it underwent a makeover with a new logo, changes done in UI and design elements and a tacky tagline stating “Bigger than dating”. Users can select the option of whether they want to date, chat or make new friends. Video chatting function was also, bumping up its features.

Users can share their interests, upload photos and videos and see if they have any friends in common. They can also search profiles of people in the app who are from different places from any part of the world.

The League

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 As the name says, this dating app is for the elite people with premier dating service catering to the tastes of a league of people. This service is available for members only, and data on them is collected from their profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. For singles who do not have time to spend over selecting dates, the app will do the job for you. Based on the data and understanding your tastes, the app will curate a list which will be suitable for you. When it comes to privacy, you don’t need to have a second thought while using this app. Exclusivity is what sets this dating app apart.


Aisle app logo

The user has to pay to connect with a probable match, but the user can receive an invite from another user and thus connect for free. This feature, so the app filters the people who are looking to get into a serious relationship. If casual dating is what you are looking for, then this app may not fit the bill. This dating app asks for exhaustive details which can be overwhelming but is essential. It asks for definitive questions in regards to your preferences in a partner, making it a quick process to select suitable dates.

Truly Madly

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Truly Madly-India’s dating app has set a high bar for the other dating apps. As the Indian’s tinder version, this app goes beyond distance and age. This app strives for creating a match based on interests and other preferences. You can keep your images safe using the unique feature of this app. Also, you can ask your friends to endorse you for trust score. You can play creative games like Styletastic, Foodie Funda, Hocus Pocus, to know each other better. 

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