Want to Recapture Romance After Marriage? Here Are Tips That Actually Work

Do you remember the first time when your eyes fell on your spouse?

Do you remember your first meeting?

Do you remember the courage you had to muster up to ask your partner out on your very first date?

Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?

The hustle and bustle of life have caught up to you, and all these memories lay buried under the to-do list, lying around laundry and end-to-end meetings.

The romance of the budding relationship has slowly withered away with time after tying the knot.

A common complaint among married couples is that they don’t feel connected anymore to their partner.

‘The one I fell in love with, I can’t recognize anymore’ or ‘Where did the person I fell in love with fade away?’

Do these statements sound familiar?

Do not worry as these circumstances occur to the best of us. We let life carry us away and take our partner for granted.

Somewhere along the line- you’ve drifted apart. With little efforts from both ends, you can be wrapped around each other again.

Here are 12 tips you can follow to rekindle your romance in married life:

Give priority to your spouse

With marriage, you would aim to do your best to provide for your family and settle down. It’s well and good until you have a heartbroken partner in your hand.

Chasing security shouldn’t happen at the expense of your spouse. A disappointed spouse could be detrimental to your relationship.

Get your priorities straight.

Have a date night every week


Date nights aren’t past but are very present.

While you are busy toiling away during the weekdays, you need some downtime to be together.

Plan date nights during the weekend. Let your children have their playdates or leave them at home if they are old enough to look after themselves.

It isn’t selfish to have some privacy only for yourselves.

Plan your date in line with your tastes. It need not be an extravagant affair all the time.

Simple dates are fun too.

A simple home-cooked meal or a candle-night dinner at a fancy restaurant; you get to spend some quality time together all the same.

Offer help around the house

It isn’t necessary to pull out the grand gestures to be romantic. You could be romantic every day if you put your mind to it.

Just offering help in daily chores can be romantic to your partner.


Your other-half would be exhausted from a long tiring day and isn’t in the mood to tackle their list of duties. You going a little out of the way to make their choices might be romantic too.

Throw in some spontaneity

While we all like our routines, spontaneous acts can add some spunk to your relationship.

Turn on the music and dance around the house. Have pillow fights. Spray water on each other while doing the dishes together. Tickle each other until you gasp for breath while watching the movie.

Not every step you take has to be thought through twice. A little spontaneity in life never hurt anybody.

Everyone loves surprises


Who doesn’t love surprises?

If they tell you they don’t like surprises; either they are lying or they are from mars.

You do not need any special events or days to surprise your spouse.

If you see an item and it reminds you of your spouse, go for it. It could be flowers, chocolates, books, cologne or even cooking a simple meal.

Be vary of their tastes

Be mindful of the tastes of your spouses. They might not like flowers or chocolates.

A little personal touch to the gifts can transform the day of your spouse.

They might like antiques or watches, or it could be anything under the sun. As long as you play your cards right, you are good to go.

Little acts of love


Write little notes and hide them in their wallets or purses.

Write a letter to your partner once in a while. Write a poem if you feel poetic today.

Say I love you whenever you feel like it.

Make coffee for them and place it beside their bed before they wake up.

Just little acts of love could add some brownie points to the romance in your relationship.

Never stop flirting

You would imagine flirting would help you in seizing relationships. Flirting can keep your relationship on the move as well.

You may be married for 2 or 50 years, never stop flirting. Give a wink or have witty banter.

Flirting never lets your married life be dull or monotonous.

Never forget the big days

A rule of thumb: never forget the birthday, anniversaries and valentine’s day. If you forget it, you might as well be dead. That might have been a tad bit exaggeration.


Honestly, ensure you mark the significant days of your life partner in your calendar.

Be affectionate

While emotional closeness is vital, physical intimacy is important as well in a relationship.

A little peck on the forehead, combing through your partner’s hair, a hug- these acts of affection could be essential for a blissful marriage. It isn’t always about sex.

Try new things

Have goals for your relationship too.

Be open to try new things like trying a new sport, taking art classes together, vacationing at a new place.

Be open-minded to learn new things with your partner that interests them. It isn’t always about you. Surprisingly you may like it too. New experiences can refresh your relationship.


Your marriage is like a plant that needs to be watered with romance regularly. Keep checking on each other periodically, and never hesitate to be romantic.

You are creating opportunities for your relationship to blossom every day. Recapture the romance and live a blissful marriage.

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