Why Self-Love is The Key Element For Fulfilling Relationships 1

Why Self-Love is The Key Element For Fulfilling Relationships

We fall in love with the idea of falling in love and finding our soulmate. I can go as far as to say that the whole human population is obsessed with the idea of being in love.

You can find a handful of movies that don’t revolve around love between two people. It is the reason why the entirety of the movie industry is blowing up.

I am not saying that anything is wrong in finding your soulmate, confidante, life partner or whatever you want to call them.

But what is of essence is the quality of relationship you maintain with your partner.

To have a fulfilling relationship with your partner or spouse, it is of prime importance that you have a fantastic relationship with yourself.

Relationship with yourself? That sounds weird. Well, it isn’t.

There is nothing more dangerous than a lack of self-love. So put your hand on your heart and feel the love now.

Pamela Miles

I can’t stress enough why self -love is essential to have a gratifying relationship with your partner.

It is when you have something enough that you can give that something to others.

The same thought can be equated to the notion of love. Only when you love yourself can you love someone else whole-heartedly and unconditionally.

Having said that, how can you cultivate self- love. Read on further for some tips on how can you love yourselves unconditionally.

Set aside time for yourself


When you are in a relationship: whether new or the one you have been in for quite some time, it is easy for your time to be monopolized by the relationship.

You may get lost in the relationship, and time spent with yourself gets sidelined.

We don’t want that, do we?

You must evolve yourselves hand in hand with the relationship.

To make it happen, sit down and go through your schedule. Setting aside an hour per week will do for starters.

You are the conjurer of your happiness


We hold the impression that certain things or people make us happy.

We need to shatter the illusion of happiness being an extrinsic quality. We conjure our joy from within. Every moment can make us happy if we choose to believe.

If we accomplish XYZ things or if we own ABC accessories, we may be joyous for only a short amount of time.

In the same manner, only one person doesn’t hold the key to our happiness. They may factor it or elevate it, but they don’t create your happiness.

Don’t lose sight of your hobbies and interests

With the investment you have put into your relationship, invariably you might have put your hobbies or interests on a back-burner.

Following your interests is the investment you are doing on yourself.

In this lifetime, you are striving to be the best version of yourself. Hence do not compromise on it.

In childhood if you painted a lot, then take those art classes you would love to do.

Go dancing to feel the out of body experience.

Keep up with things that put a smile on your face.

Appreciate your body for what it is


We appreciate diversity in culture and traditions. Why isn’t the appreciation of beauty extrapolated to the variety of body types?

We are blessed with the kind of body we have for a reason- it is to live. It is the temple that houses your soul.

You may be tall, short, lean, bulky, abs or without abs. Health is of paramount criteria.

Shun the blinders that cloud the vision in you. Filters, make up, and photoshop has misrepresented the concept of beauty. Compliments from your partner are just the cherry on top.

Self- care to shine the brightest


While embracing your natural ways, you wish to be the best you can be.

How we sculpt the sculptures with the raw rock presented before you; we carve our presence to shine the brightest we can.

  • Take time to pamper yourself and indulge in self-care.
  • Get an oil massage or the hair-cut you think will suit the best for you.
  • Take classes to improve your skill-sets.
  • Practice meditation to cleanse your mind and seek peace.

You are upgrading yourself from the 1.0 version to the 2.0 version like we expect our systems to be.

Keep in mind, self -care is physical, mental and emotional care. By updating yourselves, you are elevating your relationship to the next level.

Be honest with yourself

Society thrusts perfection in our face. We seek validation from strangers.

You can choose to be a part of this puppet play or not.

The whispers of society are transient but the soul talking to you is what shadows you.

Stop resisting the flaws and accept them to be whole. Uphold the belief you can always be better than before but never perfect.

Listen to what your subconscious is trying to tell you. All the answers you are seeking lie within you.

You and only you can feel the void you feel within you.

Love yourselves to the brim and let it overflow. Everyone deserves to be loved.

The love you show towards yourselves reflects on the love you shower on your partner. Unconditional love is not setting any standards, let alone meet them.

Let our love towards us be liberating and make our relationship fulfilling.

We accept the love we think we deserve

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