Why Women Leave Men They Are in Love With?

Men usually ask why women leave men if they really love them. The answer is quite simple if we think clearly.

What is love?

We can call it an unending and strong feeling for someone that we want to be with and we care for.

But when we are in a relationship, is love really everything that we need?

The answer is no. Even though love is the main reason a relationship exists, it isn’t the only important thing in a relationship. 

Since women are usually the ones that are more emotionally invested in a relationship than men are, here are some of the most important things that a woman might not be getting, thus they decide to leave their partners.


One of the most important things a woman craves is respect. When men tell their girlfriends or wives they love them but don’t show any respect, all the love goes in vain.


You cannot tell someone you love them and then not show any respect to them and their feelings. 

Respect is the key to any woman’s heart. If a woman is not getting respected by her boyfriend or husband, they are very likely to leave them.

Not Being a Priority

Men who keep other things above their girlfriends and wives often get dumped by them.

When a guy and a girl get in a relationship, the girl always expects to be the number one priority for her boyfriend.

But when other things are more important for men than their partners, their girlfriends are very much likely to leave them. 

No one wants to be kept below on the priority list. Everyone wants to feel important to their partners and when someone is not being shown any importance, they tend to move on.


Women are usually clingy and want to spend all of their days with their partners.


It’s obvious that no one can spend all time with their partners as everyone needs their space.

But when a man isn’t trying to give even a little time to spend with their girlfriends or wives, the relationship is definitely going to go downhill.

Women need their boyfriend’s time to communicate and share their feelings and share affection with them.

They tend to leave if their man doesn’t give even a little time from their schedule to them.


Communication is the key to any successful and long-lasting relationship. A relationship that lacks communication is definitely going to get over quickly.

A woman that lacks communication with their partner or if their partners don’t communicate much with them, then they aren’t able to share their feelings and needs with them.


Understanding only comes from communicating and if there is no understanding between a couple, it is not meant to be.

Where women cannot share their feelings and needs with their partners and lacks understanding, they keep building up frustration inside them which when bursts, destroys the whole relationship.


Women crave appreciation.


They love getting appreciated when they do something they are happy with or proud of.

They love getting compliments when they get ready for something. A man always complements his girl when he feels he is lucky to have her.

Women get upset when they don’t get noticed and aren’t appreciated for something they did or when they are not given compliments by their men when they dress up.

It usually makes them think that their man is either bored or doesn’t find her important anymore.

Bonding with their families

Be it a man or a woman, everyone wants their partner to bond with each other’s family. When a guy doesn’t bond with their girl’s family and isn’t appreciative of them, women don’t like it.


Thus, they leave them for their family’s sake.

When a man is not providing their partners with these things expect love, women leave them even if they love them.

Love is an important element for a relationship to last, but so are the things listed above. If you are giving your girl your love but not respect or time and are not communicating with her, your relationship is more likely to go downhill.

Even though these things apply to women as well, because men require these needs too, but since women are usually more emotional and overthink a little more than men do, they crave these things in a relationship.

If they are not getting any of the above and just love, it might not be enough for them and the chances of them leaving their man might become very high.

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